Transition to PACFA Membership - Q&A


Q: What is required to transfer my CASA Membership to PACFA?

a) Your Permission
CASA requires permission from you to transfer your membership and your membership data to PACFA.
Many members gave this consent by way of a signed hard copy form distributed at the February 2017 PD event.
An email to members sent on 20th March invited all other members to provide their consent or otherwise via the Members' Area of the CASA website. This consent or otherwise was required by 31st March.

b) Your Current Contact Details
To provide PACFA with up-to-date information for their future communication with you, CASA also requires that your Contact Details are current. We sent you an email on 28th March asking you to check your contact details by going to the Members' Area of the CASA website.


Q: How Much Will It Cost Me To Transfer my CASA Membership to PACFA?

The normal Application Fee of $138.00 for a CASA Professional or Clinical member and $50.00 for our Interns to gain Individual PACFA membership has been waived by PACFA for this bulk transfer of CASA members across to PACFA


Q: When Does the Transfer Begin?

1st July 2017
Your current membership with CASA concludes on 30th June 2017 and this year you will not renew your CASA membership as previously done.

From mid-May you will be able to renew your membership, but you will renew your membership with PACFA and your membership with PACFA will commence on 1st July 2017.

In the meantime, CASA will commence transferring digital copies of your membership data to PACFA to enable them to have their data systems ready to process your Renewal of Membership from May onwards.


Q: I Am A Professional Member of CASA and When my Membership is Transferred to PACFA, Does it Mean That I am Still a Professional?

Each CASA member will be granted an equivalent category of membership with PACFA. The name of each PACFA category is the same as the CASA name of each category except for the CASA Professional category with the PACFA name being Provisional.

So, to answer your question, no, you will not retain the name Professional, your category of membership will be Provisional.
Hence the names will look like this

CASA Category PACFA Category
Honorary Honorary
Clinical Clinical
Professional Provisional
Intern Intern
Student Student
Affiliate Affiliate


Q: Is Transferring to Individual PACFA Membership the Same as Joining the PACFA National Register?

The PACFA National Register is available to those who meet the PACFA Training and Practice Requirements for Intern, Provisional or Clinical membership.

It is normal to have to pay to join the PACFA Register, but in this bulk transfer of CASA members to PACFA, joining the PACFA Register will be automatic for CASA Intern, Professional and Clinical members, and at no cost. PACFA will need to check your membership documentation that CASA is supplying, to ascertain its adequacy, and on occasion may seek some additional documentation.


Q: How Will I Renew My Membership With PACFA?

From mid May PACFA will begin to communicate directly with you advising you of the process.

The fees for renewing your membership with PACFA are available on the PACFA website and include membership of the College of Counselling and the PACFA SA Branch.

Please note that there is a Late Fee for renewing after 31st July 2017


Q: Will the PACFA SA Branch Provide PD?

The new PACFA SA Branch will initially be served by a number of the present CASA Executive Members and will organize regular PD events for networking, collegiality and professional development.

The PD will be held as usual at the EDC at Hindmarsh.