Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which practitioners keep current with their profession, and broaden and deepen their knowledge, skills and awareness, in order to develop the personal and professional qualities necessary for the effective practice of counselling and psychotherapy.

CPD activities are to be directly relevant to clinical practice and to core competencies of counselling and psychotherapy:

Ongoing practice attendance in mindfulness or meditation is not accepted.

CPD activities are to be presented by appropriately qualified practitioners who are recognised by our profession as having advanced expertise in the topic being addressed.

The annual CPD requirement of 40 points may be accrued from three different categories of

Category A: Mandatory
   One hour of CPD = 2 points. Minimum annual requirement is 30 points

Category B: Optional
   One hour of CPD = 1 point. Maximum annual allowance is 10 points

Category C: Optional
   One hour of CPD = 1 point. Maximum annual allowance is 5 points

Category A activities include attendance at person-to-person courses, workshops, seminars and conferences, and participation in online facilitated courses:

Category B activities include participation in facilitated learning groups, imparting knowledge relating to counselling and psychotherapy through formal presentations, teaching, research and publications, and supervision participation above the annual renewal requirement:

Category C activities include contributing to the counselling and psychotherapy profession through involvement in the CASA Executive Committee or subcommittees and the PACFA Board and committees, and self directed learning, logged in a reflective journal. Self directed learning includes:



Clinical and Professional Members

For ongoing Clinical or Professional membership of the Association members are required to participate in appropriate professional development activities, and to complete every membershipyear (July-June) a minimum of 40 points of CPD accrued in accordance with the Association's Continuing Professional Development Policy.

CPD activities are to be recorded for each membership year using the CASA or PACFA CPD Log with the CASA CPD Log being downloadable from the Association website.

Members are required to keep evidence of CPD activities. Acceptable evidence is attendance certificates, receipts or other documentary proof including reflective journal entries.

Members are required to sign annually an on-line declaration stating that they have met the CPD renewal requirements.

An audit of CPD records of Clinical and Professional members will be conducted on a rolling three yearly basis with all members being audited once every three years.

Associate Members

For ongoing Associate membership of the Association members who have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate training course in counselling or psychotherapy, but who have not completed the required hours of client work and its associated supervision for Professional Membership, are required to participate in appropriate continuing professional development, and to provide at renewal each year the number of accumulated CPD points for the previous 12 months.

The CASA Continuing Professional Development Policy is listed in By-Law Two of the Association's By-Laws
This Policy is based upon and consistent with the PACFA Continuing Professional Development Policy effective as from 1 July 2014