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 From the President

I would like to start by introducing myself to you and to say how delighted I am to have been nominated for and accepted as President of the Association.

My name is Pat Bradley and as many of you may already know I have been the Secretary of CASA for the past 18 months. I originate from the UK and emigrated here in 2013 to be with my family. Before
leaving the UK I was employed as a Senior Specialist Counsellor in the NHS as well as running a busy private practice as a counsellor, trainer and supervisor. I now run a private practice based in West Beach offering counselling and supervision.

As well as my work for CASA I have served on PACFA's EPAC committee and represent them on Accreditation Panels at training institutions in the Adelaide area. For me the role of President of the Association feels like a big one. I know there will be challenges ahead both for me in the new role, and for the Association with the forthcoming PACFA restructure and how that may impact on us all. I also know that I bring my own set of skills, experience and knowledge along with a determination to do the very best I can to honour the trust placed in me.

New Executive Team
I am delighted to report that we have a new Executive Committee following the recent AGM. Warm and appreciative farewells are expressed to Peter Zanol and Toni Catford who did not seek re-election. Both contributed significantly to the Association and will be sorely missed. Robert Bullock having served the maximum allowable five year term as President needed to stand down from that role but I am happy to report that he accepted the role of Secretary. Fortunately for us Pamela Brear and Viv Maitland carry on in their roles on the Committee, and together with Rob they each bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with them.

I am also vey excited to announce and give a very warm welcome to three new Executive members: Patrick Moloney our Treasurer, Karen Paglia our Events Convenor and Nicola Trenorden our Publications Convenor. You can read more about our first-time Executive members later in the eNews. Geoff Haynes remains as the EO of CASA and I know his contribution is beyond measure.

So we start the new Executive Committee with a strong, experienced and enthusiastic team and I feel truly honoured to be working with such a diverse and talented group. In having individual conversations with the new team I have gained a real sense of the strong bond that binds us all together in working towards counselling gaining its rightful recognition and being validated for the highly trained and ethical profession that it truly is.

Without doubt we are all tremendously proud of our profession and are enthused about working together to ensure we live up to our Association's vision: to be the most respected and prominent counselling association in Australia where counsellors and psychotherapists are welcomed and proud to belong.


Pat Bradley



bullet Meet the New Members of our Committee

Nicola Trenorden

Nicola has worked as a professional counsellor in the non-government sector for the past 27 years and has a Masters in Counselling and Post Grad Certificate in Aboriginal Studies. During this time Nicola has worked in the areas of disadvantaged young people managing this group's therapeutic programs, worked as a trauma specialist with young refugees and their families, has been involved in the drug & alcohol field, adventure/wilderness therapist and group therapy leader and taken on a clinical supervision role with staff of Save the Children.

Presently, Nicola is co lecturing and tutoring at Flinders University in Interventions with Children and Youth for the School of Social Policy and Social Work and the Grief and Loss Post Graduate Course.


Karen Paglia

From the baseline of a Bachelor of Arts a double major in Politics (Social Sciences) and English (Humanities) Karen harnessed her interest in the complexities of life and living and enjoyment of working with people and completed a Grad Dip in Education and eventually steered herself toward her Masters Social Science (Counselling Studies).

Karen has worked as a counsellor, mediator and a couple and family therapist. Specifically, Karen has worked in a non-government organization which supports children and young people with complex needs and the potential risk of homelessness, as well as their families to assist in improving, repairing and restoring relationship.


Patrick Moloney

Patrick is right when he states he has had a varied work life covering small business consultant, secondary teaching, university lecturer and tutor, family mediator, personal and relationship counsellor, family educator, school counsellor and a consultant to small business. Patrick's diverse working life has also involved owning an import/wholesaling business trading in tea and clothing.

Life today is more about people, counselling and education than people and business. Presently in private practice, Patrick is passionate about counselling and its rightful place as a distinct profession in our society. A member of CASA for six years there is no doubt Patrick's enthusiasm for the profession will be a good fit on the committee and his collaborative approach will be valuable.

We thank all of our new committee members for your interest and commitment to the work of CASA and welcome you to rewarding work for your association.



 Register Now for our November Premier Event

This two day event features two internationally recognised experts on Emotionally Focused Therapy and is a not to be missed on your PD calendar. We are promoting this Premier Event nationally and expect it to be heavily subscribed.


Veronica Kallos-Lilly and Jenny Fitzgerald are co-authors of An emotionally focused workbook for couples: The two of us, published by Routledge in 2014.

Veronica Kallos-Lilly Ph.D is a Clinical Psychologist and founding Director of the Vancouver Couple & Family Institute (See  She has been a member of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) since its inception.  As a Certified EFT Trainer, Veronica has been training and consulting to therapists in Canada, Australia and the United States since 1995.  Known for her warm interpersonal style, workshop participants appreciate Veronica’s clinical expertise and ability to create a supportive learning environment.


Jenny Fitzgerald Ph.D is Clinical Psychologist who works in private practice in Brisbane, mainly with distressed couples.  She also teaches at the University of Queensland, coordinating courses in communication skills for medical students and sex and couples therapy for post grad psychology students. Jenny’s PhD research, supervised by Judith Feeney, a leading adult attachment researcher, investigated hurt feelings and their repair in couples’ relationships.  She is the first Australian to be certified by ICEEFT as an EFT therapist, supervisor and trainer.   

Registration is open on our website, so act quickly to reserve your place.

Download flyer

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bullet Welcome to New Members

We give a very warm welcome to our new members Michelle (Student), and Claire (Student).

We also congratulate Carolyn, Courtney, Sri, Ann and Leeann on their upgrade to Professional status, and to Karen for attaining Clinical status.

We look forward to your involvement in CASA with us.




Further CASA Input to the Planned Restructure

On August 19th we brought Di Stow, PACFA Vice President and Chair of the Restructure Committee, to Adelaide for a meeting with Pat Bradley, Robert Bullock and Geoff Haynes.

We presented CASA's views on the key factors that would make the restructure most beneficial to members and acceptable to CASA. Di was very receptive to our input and was able to understand our concerns from the view of a successful, healthy Member Association.

The main points of discussion were:

  • CASA's formula for being a successful Association
  • Why CASA has been hesitant in committing to the restructure
  • Formation and staffing of state branches
  • What needs to be done for CASA to commit to the restructure

CASA's prime focus is on retaining and/or increasing the benefits any change will provide to its members. We will continue to pursue the best interests of our members in all negotiations with PACFA, no matter what the outcome.



 July PD in Review

By the close of this PD there was no doubt how complex the world of those living with Borderline Personality Disorder is albeit for the person experiencing the condition or for those who love and care them.

The statement, 'the jury is still out' fits right here. Varying notions of the cause of BPD have been bandied around but three elements seem to be accepted and are comfortably settling into the lexicon; genetic, developmental and behavioural. In the old days there was a mantra which set the basis of the condition as stemming from a history of sexual abuse which in turn damaged family and friend relationships as suspicion pervaded once safe and connected relationships. This was not only damaging for the suspected but enormous ramifications for the person with the diagnosis of BPD who holds extreme fears of abandonment of lack of safety. However, there is still a place to consider the history but it is not viewed now as an absolute determiner.

Complexity of diagnosis, complexity of how best to work with BPD and the lack of services directed to fully supporting people in the world of BPD remains. The Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT) has been found to be extremely effective but long waiting lists exist in the public sector and too few specialists in the field continue to limit advancement in both diagnosis and treatment.

South Australia is forging new frontiers in this area with a recent and thorough survey conducted and delivered at the PD by Jann McMahon. This survey highlighted the overall lack of understanding of the condition within the medical profession as well as the community at large, the subsequent lack of services and how they can be streamlined to suit an overall diagnosis while at the same time meet the extreme requirements of each personality to name just a few. The session was complete with the carers story delivered by Judy Burke. Judy and her husband Bob run a support group, Sanctuary. The title, Sanctuary absolutely describes the purpose and place it holds in the lives of those who care for people with BPD.

To share, to be heard and most of all to be understood is the role Sanctuary plays in the often fractured and fragmented lives of all involved in BPD. Not only is the day to day machinations of this condition equally shared but the overall issue of grief and loss is shared with deep understanding.



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Transactional Analysis 101 with Valerie Redman

This 12 hour professional development workshop is a comprehensive, experiential introduction to the philosophy and core concepts of Transactional Analysis theory and includes:

  • Personality development - Parent, Adult and Child ego states
  • ersonal awareness of unconscious patterns and options for change
  • onscious and unconscious communication for healthy connection
  • ife Scripts and how our life stories develop and are played out
  • ames - why and how we repeat the same patterns in our relationships

Transactional Analysis can be applied in any work setting and is particularly useful in Counselling. The workshop is ideal for anyone wanting practical skills and theoretical perspectives that can improve communication and contribute to the development of healthy interpersonal relationships

Dates: Friday, 18 September 5 – 9.30pm, Saturday, 19 September 9 – 5pm
Venue: The Corner Church, 93 Oaklands Road, (Cnr Oaklands & Diagonal Roads), Warradale
Cost: $390

Valerie Redman is an Internationally Certified Transactional Analyst, Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Supervisor and offers Advanced Transactional Analysis (ATAA) training in South Australia.

For further information or to register:
Phone: 8294 6559







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