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From the President
Reflection, relaxation and celebration

October Master Class
A moving and amazing experience

In Review - Nov PD
A wealth of information gained from our 3 speakers

February 2015 PD
Dr Mark Pearson presents on Expressive Therapy

Membership Update
Welcome to 4 new members

End of Year Celebration
An informal and enjoyable gathering at year end

Work is progressing on the restructure plan

Free Apps on Mindfulness
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 From the President

Time to relax, time to reflect and time to just be.

Often at this time of the year we are reminded to take a moment to reflect, reconnect, or express our thanks or show appreciation to those we work with and care about. We are so busy and find it hard to make time for a social get together.

With this in mind we've planned a splendid early evening event, an easy drop in for drinks and canapés together. I invite you to join us and look forward to seeing you for Christmas Drinks by the pool at Tiffins on the Park on Friday 5th December from 5:00 pm.

Sincere thanks to you, the members of CASA for your commitment to the profession and your personal stance on maintaining a professional and ethical approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Thank you to the CASA Executive, Pat Bradley, Peter Zanol, Toni Catford, Joe Russo, Viv Maitland and Pamela Brear, and our Executive Officer Geoff Haynes, for their exceptional and tireless work in all that is CASA.

Best wishes to you and yours over Christmas and the New Year.

Please also be advised that the CASA committee will be taking a well-earned break over the fesdtive season, so the office will be closed from Monday December 22nd through Friday January 2nd inclusive.


Robert Bullock


bullet Master Class October 2014 - a Moving Experience

What is this thing called Love? – Love in Psychotherapy

What a privilege it was to be guided by two wonderful educators in the deeper reflection of love in the practice of counselling and psychotherapy. Stephen Andrew and Zoe Krupka exuded a gentle, caring and calming presence while helping 14 of us work experientially through intimacy, loss and love.

There were moments of great laughter, and moments of tears as we joined together to work through how we feel in connection with our clients. There was an added benefit of pondering on all our relationships, expanding each one of us to discover our fears and our strengths.

One of the highlights of the day was to feel compassion in the room with colleagues, to feel like we might just know each other in a deeper way. That seems to be how love works!



bullet In Review - November PD

Three presenters, three perspectives, overlapping approaches but most importantly, absolute shared understanding of the complex world of addiction.

Key Information

Key Phrases

  • Dopamine release with orgasm is 200 units
  • Dopamine release with amphetamine is 1500 units
  • Harm minimization is government policy in South Australia not total abstinence
  • As abstinence does not fit with government policy then no funding for alternative approaches
  • On initial interview five questions to be asked most important one is – Do it now?
  • As the drug changes the altered state of consciousness then recovery is about finding an altered state of consciousness
  • Addiction is unconscious, it is in the mid brain, no frontal lobe involvement
  • The person using feels less than, needs to find a sense of belonging
  • It is too painful to feel , not good with feelings
  • Development of trust is vital for engagement in process group work
  • Shifting dependency from drug to me (the facilitator) to group and then interdependency in the group
  • Addiction keeps you living from the neck up
  • In recovery the realization is ‘it keeps getting better’
  • Work is often habilitation as no identity has been formed for the client along with rehabilitation for others
  • Abstinence is the best harm minimization
  • The last person to find out they have an addiction is the addict. Delusional thoughts convince the user that they can’t live without it rather than they can’t live with it
  • Rock bottom- always a bottom below the bottom they know or thought they knew
  • Marijuana is a gateway drug
  • Remember the onion - peeling off the layers of engagement from polite to truth
  • Take off your emotional clothing

It is safe to say that a powerful tool utilized by June Lake in the last session jettisoned home, if we didn't already 'get it', was the exercise in holding our breath.

June said she would tell us when to breathe out. She kept assuring us, kept assuring us and yet again kept assuring us. Gasps for O2 were heard around the room and a couple of expert breath holders seemed to persevere.

The point made was simple- if we didn't breathe we were at risk of going unconscious, if not dying.

For an addict, it is absolute survival to gain another hit.



 In Preview - February PD

"Expressive Therapies - What Makes Sense to my Client?"
Presenter: Dr Mark Pearson
Date: Sat. Feb 28th 2015, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Venue: EDC, Milner St, Hindmarsh

Counselling clients display many ways of reflecting and communicating within therapy. Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences (MI), while applied widely in the field of education, has only recently been introduced into the field of counselling. MI has the potential to support flexible responses to client's particular preferences. This program is based on Mark's recent PhD research on the impact of introducing MI theory and practice in counselling.

Mark will share his research outcomes and the practical ways in which Expressive Therapies can be offered in response to individual client preferences. Come and learn your own MI strengths, and new ways to use MI theory in your practice.

Mark Pearson is a lecturer and clinical supervisor in the Graduate Program in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Adelaide, director of the Expressive Therapies Institute of Australia, and co-founder of Supervision Alliance.

Registration opens late January2015.


bullet Welcome to New Members

We give a very warm welcome to our new Associate Members Barbara, Alexandra, Sonia and Karen.

We look forward to your involvement in CASA with us.



bullet Enjoy our Year end Celebration uline

An excellent way to finish the week, if not the year - a gathering by the pool at Tiffins with those you know and those you would like to know.

The setting by the pool adds a relaxed ambience to the annual CASA cocktail evening, a tradition that keeps on giving. Going by previous gatherings, conversation is never short, friendships bubble along with the champagne and promises of "we must do this again" will no doubt be heard as the night goes on.

It's a great opportunity for the committee to just meet and chat with everyone without the rush of busy events. Most of all, this event gives the attendees the opportunity to catch up with old friends and new, and forge better supports for the year ahead.

This time is not about discussing the latest scientific finding, the latest approaches to counselling, the most amazing piece of research just read - it is actually about just meeting, chatting and greeting. You can of course, if it is your wish, discuss counselling.

So join us at the delightful indoor poolside setting at Tiffins on the Park, 176 Greenhill Rd, Parkside on Friday December 5th between 5:00pm and 7:00pm for complimentary drinks and canapes. We'd love to see you and your partner there.

Please RSVP by Wed December 3rd to assist us with catering.



bullet PACFA News

Progress with Planned restructure

There has been more activity relating to the proposed PACFA, and CASA is taking an active role to ensure that the result will be a simpler structure that provides the benefits to members that they have been used to receiving from CASA. Our Treasurer, Peter Zanol, is on the Restructure Working Party as well as the sub-group looking at the costing model for restructure.

CASA is pushing very hard for a standard Head Office + Regional Centres model, in which PACFA would have a presence at the state level to look after the specific needs of each local demographic. We also invited the PACFA CEO, Maria Brett, to come to Adelaide and spend a full day with members of the CASA Executive Committee. It was a fruitful meeting at which we had the opportunity to express our views on the planned restructure and what we would like to see as a final outcome.

This process will take another 12 months to arrive at the final model.



 Mindfulness Apps for Apple and Android

2 FREE locally produced Apps are available for Apple and Android devices

TAKE 10 Mindful Minutes suited to all ages from aged 10
and TAKE 5 Mindful Minutes for young mind trainers aged from 3-10 years of age

The free App "Take 10 Mindful Minutes" available now on both iTunes and the Google play store- links below:



The free App "Take 5 Mindful Minutes" also now available on both iTunes and the Google play store- links below:



Visit the App Face Book page:

And importantly with thanks....

These Apps are freely available because of the foresight and generosity of the Rotary Club of Mt Gambier Lakes, Mt Gambier. The author, Frances Kelly, acknowledges the support of her wide mindful community, particularly Renee and Abi, her many mindfulness teachers who have over decades shared their knowledge and wisdom, and the professional skill of Real Time Data, Fed Creative and the committed staff of the Mount Gambier Library - a place that surely must be the world's happiest library!





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