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From the President
Maintaining standards, upcoming events, PACFA restructure

February 2015 PD
Dr Mark Pearson presents on Expressive Therapy

Membership Update
Welcome to 14 new members

Order of Australia Award
Cathy Kezelman awarded an Order of Australia

MAY PD Plans
Our May PD Topic will be of interest to many

Conference Date Change
The 2015 Conference will be held in November, so won't count for this year's CPD requirements

Strategic Planning Day
There were some hot topics on the agenda at our 2015 Strategic Planning Day

Notes on the Recent Audit
Some interesting statistics and lessons learned

Special General Meeting
Make a note of this important event at which changes to the membership categories will be proposed



 From the President

Hello friends, I hope that you have had some restful and enjoyable moments with those who are close to you over the break. Our work has begun and I invite you to become acquainted here with some of the activities that are underway and plans for this new year.

As you know, I believe that the counselling profession has much to be proud of and I would like to remind ourselves that we mustn't relax our training standards or be content with unqualified practitioners carrying out this important work. Despite the lack of tangible government recognition of this profession at this point in time in Australia, we must continue to hold to our professional integrity and ethical practice as counsellors and association members! Many CASA members have devoted much to their profession by diligently engaging in professional development, higher education and have worked hard to become respected professional counsellors in the community. They are fine examples to those coming new to the association and profession.

I believe that those wanting to be truly respected in South Australia as a professional counsellor, now know that you must take the time to be adequately trained and committed to a recognised professional association. Those who are in the profession realise this and our challenge is to keep upholding that standard.

There are preparations underway for an important Special General Meeting for the Associate Membership category, our first Professional Development day of 2015 in February with Dr Mark Pearson and the Executive Committee's Strategic Planning Day also in February. You may be aware that we provide feedback to PACFA regarding their plans for a national restructure. By now you will have received my email outlining CASA’s current position on those plans, based on your own feedback and our close observations of this process.

Please take a moment to catch up with the latest news below and I look forward to seeing you at the February PD.


Robert Bullock


 February PD - Have you Registered?


bullet Welcome to New Members

We give a very warm welcome to our new Associate Members Babu, Ursula, Deborah, Marisa, Tracy, Cathryn, Lizzie, India, Alyce, Zoe, Leticia, Wendy and Nicos.

Welcome also to our new Professional Member, Anita.

Congratulations to Karen and Julie on your upgrade to Clinical membership.

We look forward to your involvement in CASA with us.


bullet Dr Cathy Kezelman awarded Order of Australia uline

Those of you who attended the CASA 2014 Conference on Trauma, will remember Dr Cathy Kezelman who gave a wonderful presentation on "Working With Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma".

We were delighted to hear that she was awarded the presitigous honour of Member, Order of Australia at this year's Australia Day award announcement. It is so gratifying to see that her remarkable and tireless work in this field has been recognised.



bullet MAY PD

Note to diary:

Saturday 16th May 2015 - Education Development Centre

Led by Leanne Nearmy this PD will provide the therapist with a base of knowledge of how to provide a safe space in the counselling room when working with lesbians, gay, bi or trans-sexual clients. More details to follow.


 Change of Date for this Year's Conference

Important Reminder

An exciting change this year to the Annual Conference usually held in May. A special 2-day event is headlined for late November which will replace the normal conference format.

This will free you up to attend other professional development opportunities that usually fall in May and still gain your PD points.  Importantly, for this year you are not able to rely on CASA May Conference to attain your total PD points, so be sure to attend our free PD events between now and June 30th.



 CASA Strategic Planning Day

Each year the CASA Committee Members spend a full day together, reviewing the Association's performance and setting its direction for the coming years. This year's focus was on how CASA will evolve as the PACFA restructure comes into effect, plus a hard look at the current membership categories and how they need to be re-aligned to fit the future national model.

It was a full-on day, but a high level of enthusiasm was maintained throughout, bolstered by humour and a spot of golf putting during the lunch break. The day's discussions were always centred around the best interest of the profession and its members, and to that end CASA is adopting a "steady as she goes" approach to the proposed restructure, to be certain that members are not disadvantaged by the transition to a national membership model.

Of necessity, some of our current membership categories need to be re-defined, both to clarify the boundaries between them and to ensure a smooth crossover to national membership when it is appropriate to make that transition. A Special General Meeting will be convened in late March to ratify the propsed changes. You can read more details elsewhere in this issue.



 Notes on the Recent Audit

Instead of providing documentary evidence at the time of renewal last year, Clinical and Professional members signed an on-line declaration stating that they had met the supervision and professional development renewal requirements during the previous 12 months.

As part of this new process an audit of supervision and professional development records of Clinical and Professional members is to be conducted on a rolling three yearly basis with all members being audited once every three years.

Whilst PACFA is undertaking the audit of our CASA members who are PACFA Registrants, CASA has recently audited a selection of Professional members who are not PACFA Registrants.

It is noteworthy that of those audited, 2/3 were able to supply their documentation promptly, whereas 1/3 were not, with one member having membership withdrawn due to non-compliance.

Members are reminded of the necessity of downloading at the end of each membership year

  • the Annual Supervision and Client Contact Verification Form for your Supervisor to complete, and
  • the Annual Professional Development Log for you to complete.

It is advisable if you have a Supervisor for only part of a year that you get them to complete the Annual Supervision and Client Contact Verification Form when you finish your supervision with them.

These forms need to be kept in your professional portfolio until at least an audit has been completed.

Note to Supervisors
For those who supervise Clinical and Professional members we ask that you complete for each supervisee the Annual Supervision and Client Contact Verification Form (either the PACFA or CASA version) at the end of each membership year.  The CASA version is downloadable from the Members’ Section of our website.

This form requires your signing off for both the supervision provided and the related client contact hours and needs to accurately reflect the logged dates and hours. 

The provision of a completed form by members is an obligation to satisfactorily meet the audit requirements.



 Special General Meeting - March 25th

A Special General Meeting of the Association is planned for Wednesday evening, 25th March 2015 at the EDC.

Formal correspondence relating to the Meeting will be forwarded to members later in February, but for the time being please note the date in your diary.

The meeting is being called to put forward a range of motions relating to CASA’s Membership categories, and in particular the breadth of the Associate category.  This is a topic that has been under discussion by the Executive Committee since 2012 and was a topic of discussion at the 2013 AGM.  Please read the information below to gain an initial understanding of the proposals.

There will also be a Q&A session about the PACFA Restructure following the formal proceedings, so come along and hear more about this important development.

Proposed Development of the Association Category of Membership

It is proposed that the Associate category be replaced with the introduction of two new categories, Intern and Student, and that the Affiliate category be redefined to include those who are not practising as counsellors or psychotherapists but who have an interest in the counselling profession.

Consultative Meetings
It is planned to have a number of consultative meetings with current Associate members to enable a smooth transition into an appropriate category in readiness for renewal in 2015.  For those whose transition may not be clear an additional year is proposed.

Three consultation sessions are planned at a venue which will be as centrally located to all Associate members as is possible. The dates of those sessions are:

  • April 17 Friday, in the afternoon
  • April 24 Friday, in the afternoon
  • April 30 Thursday, in the early evening.

Please begin to think about which of those sessions would suit you best. 

We will also have an information table at February's Professional Development event with our Membership Convenor, Joe Russo available.  We are here to help and to answer any questions you may have about these important changes.  And where we do not have answers at the ready, we promise to get back to you individually. 





Certificate in Sandplay Therapy and Symbol Work
   - with children, adolescents and adults

12 days      4 x 3-day workshops    Starts 26 March 2015


Certificate in Expressive Therapies with Children and Adolescents
   - somatic focused, creative counselling for emotional integration

15 days     5 x 3-day workshops     Starts early 2016


Specialised training in multiple intelligences based, creative arts therapies

At the Quiet Place Studio, Carey Gully, Adelaide Hills

Mark Pearson: 0419 492 713
For details please visit






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