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From the President
Lots of activity behind the scenes, upcoming AGM, ongoing discussions about PACFA restructure

July PD
Just over 3 weeks away, so register now.

Welcome to new Members
More members join our ranks and existing members upgrade

Using Your CASA Post Nominal
MCASA post nominal has changed and now identifies membership category

CASA Membership Renewal
Have you renewed yet? Fees are due by June 30th

Do You Have Questions?
It's understandable given so many recent changes. But we are here to help

CASA Briefing Meetings
Thanks to all who attended. We hope you gained a good understanding of the new membership categories

Your Professional Portfolio
It isn't difficult to maintain logs. And you need them when your audit comes around

November Premier Event - National Promotion
Be ready to register in July, as we expect heavy subscription when advertising goes national



 From the President

Hello and welcome to our June edition of CASA eNews with important notices and highlights of recent association activities, and developments in the profession. This time of year is traditionally our busy time with membership renewals, end of the financial year, and preparations for the August AGM.

I would like to acknowledge extensive work that has been carried out in the background by our Membership Convener Pamela Brear and Executive Officer Geoff Haynes, on the recent changes to our membership categories. These changes have been handled expertly by Geoff and Pamela and include a new online renewal system, new membership categories and membership forms, and changes to our polices and documentations. CASA has hosted special meetings for those impacted by the changes, and continue to answer numerous enquires at renewal time.

Each of the Executive team work diligently of course and if you would like to acknowledge their contributions please put aside time to attend the August AGM. This year at the AGM there will be some significant changes on the Executive Committee with my own position as President concluding after five years. The AGM is slightly more formal than other meetings but always warm and welcoming, and actually an interesting and informative meeting to attend. There will be reports to the Association including finances, membership, publications, events and PACFA. The current Executive will stand down and a new one will be elected.

If you are curious about serving the association on any of the committees, please don't hesitate in contacting myself or any member of the Executive for more information.
CASA has made significant contributions to the PACFA restructure particularly in the area or finance and national structure. Peter Zanol, Joe Russo and Geoff Haynes have attended numerous meetings in Sydney and online for the restructure working party. CASA members have also attended the recent webinar that outlined to individual members progress in the restructure.

In August this year Geoff Haynes, Pat Bradley and myself will be meeting with Dr Di Stow (PACFA Board Vice President) to discuss in detail what CASA has been providing for its members and our contribution to the profession.  Our goal is for CASA to remain supportive of PACFA as a Member Association until we have reached a satisfactory agreement with PACFA to join structurally.


Robert Bullock


 July PD - Borderline Personality Disorder - Handling the Behaviour in the Counselling Room

July 18th, 2015, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Education development Centre, Hindmarsh


Karen Braithwaite.

Karen Braithwaite is the Clinical Practice Consultant/Coordinator of the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Programme in the Inner Southern catchment area of South Adelaide Local Health Network. Karen's role involves Coordinating the DBT Programme, planning and facilitating skills groups, and offering individual DBT therapy to the client group with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. The groups are teaching and learning in structure and cover the specific skills of Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotional Regulation and Distress Tolerance.


Jann McMahon OAM.

Janne McMahon has worked within the mental health area as a consumer advocate since 1997. She founded the Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia) which is a recognized peak Australian organisation. She is currently a member of the RANZCP Members Advisory Council. Janne has been a member of the Private Mental Health Alliance since 1998, is currently a member of the SA Health Practitioners Tribunal and Patron of the Australian BPD Foundation. In 2008 Janne was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in recognition of her advocacy work.


Judy Burke.

Judy Burke is a retired pharmacist, with experience in the application of psychiatric and other medications. Since her retirement, she has worked extensively as a volunteer in the mental health field, specialising in Borderline Personality Disorder [BPD]. Over ten years, she has acquired knowledge and experience of BPD to the point where she is well qualified to speak and advise on this subject. As co-founder and facilitator of Sanctuary, probably the largest support group for carers of people with BPD in Australia, she has been actively and directly involved in the experiences of over 70 other carers of people affected by BPD.

Have you registered yet?

Note that to gain free admission to this event you must have renewed your membership for 2015-16. Otherwise registration will cost $75.00.


bullet Welcome to New Members

We give a very warm welcome to our new members Trish (Student), and Neridah (Professional).

We also congratulate Kristin, Ian, Jenny and Catherine on their upgrade to Professional status, Lynne on her upgrade to Intern status, and to Leah for attaining Clinical status.

We look forward to your involvement in CASA with us.


bullet Using Your CASA Post Nominal

If you are a current Honorary, Clinical, Professional or Intern member you are free to use the CASA post nominal on your printed stationery and electronic advertising.

We have recently amended the post nominal from MCASA (indicating Member of CASA), to a Membership-Category-Specific post nominal, as follows:


Please do not feel under any immediate pressure to make the changes, unless it is easy to do so. Rather, when you next undertake an update of your advertising or stationery, please amend at that time.

By a way of a reminder, it is convention that the listing of a professional membership post nominal follows the listing of academic post nominals.

bullet CASA Membership Renewal is Due

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Our Membership Year commences on July 1st and you should renew by that date to maintain continuity of your membership and associated benefits. Because we have made some changes to membership categories recently, some members will need to make a transition to another category of membership during the renewal process. Here are some brief guidelines to help you with your renewal this year.

Clinical and Professional Members

Your Clinical or Professional membership renewal is a very simple process that can be completed online in a matter of minutes, including the delivery* of your membership certificate in PDF form.

Simply log into the Members Area of the CASA web site and click on the link "Online Membership Renewal". No paperwork needs to be submitted and you can choose to pay by Visa/Mastercard, BPay, direct deposit or cheque/money order.

You will need your Member ID which you will find on your current membership certificate.
Please ensure that you complete your renewal by June 30th to maintain continuity of membership.

* Delivery is immediate for payment via debit/credit card. Certificates are sent after receipt of payment via BPay, Direct Deposit or cheque/money order

Associate and Affiliate Members

With the elimination of the Associate category of membership and the reclassification of the Affiliate category, your renewal process is somewhat different this year.
When you log into the Members Area of the CASA website and proceed to Online Membership Renewal, you will be asked a series of questions requiring a simple 'Yes' or 'No' answer. In response to your answers you will then be advised of the most appropriate category of membership for your circumstances and how to proceed.

If you are advised to download an Application Form:

  • Complete the Application Form
  • Send it into CASA as soon as possible (there is no Application Processing Fee for this reclassification process up until 31st July)
  • Once your Application has been assessed we will invoice you for payment.
  • Make the payment to CASA

Thank you to those who have already competed the transition or sent in an Application for reclassification.

If you have any concerns, please email us at


 Do You Have Questions?

Have you questions about paper work or membership requirements of being a member of our Association

If you are not sure (for example)

  • what information is required in a Client Log?
  • what an Annual Client and Supervision Verification Form is?
  • I work for myself and an organisation and am provided with supervision by the organisation.  Do I need to have supervision of my private work?

Join us at a pre-PD event.   Yes, we will be available to answer your questions at a Member-Session starting at 1.00pm in Room 18 on the Ground Floor on Saturday 16th July prior to our upcoming PD event at Hindmarsh Education Centre.  Please note that this Member-Session is in Room 18, not the PD Room.



 Don't Forget to Diarise our November Premier Event

The Power of EFT

21-22 November 2015

Education Development Centre, Hindmarsh

This two day event has attracted international input and is a not to be missed on your PD calendar. We are promoting this Premier Event nationally and expect it to be heavily subscribed once bookings are open.


Veronica Kallos-Lilly and Jenny Fitzgerald are co-authors of An emotionally focused workbook for couples: The two of us, published by Routledge in 2014.

Veronica Kallos-Lilly Ph.D is a Clinical Psychologist and founding Director of the Vancouver Couple & Family Institute (See  She has been a member of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) since its inception.  As a Certified EFT Trainer, Veronica has been training and consulting to therapists in Canada, Australia and the United States since 1995.  Known for her warm interpersonal style, workshop participants appreciate Veronica’s clinical expertise and ability to create a supportive learning environment.


Jenny Fitzgerald Ph.D is Clinical Psychologist who works in private practice in Brisbane, mainly with distressed couples.  She also teaches at the University of Queensland, coordinating courses in communication skills for medical students and sex and couples therapy for post grad psychology students. Jenny’s PhD research, supervised by Judith Feeney, a leading adult attachment researcher, investigated hurt feelings and their repair in couples’ relationships.  She is the first Australian to be certified by ICEEFT as an EFT therapist, supervisor and trainer.   

Registration will open in July, so be ready to act quickly.


 CASA Briefing Meetings

Three Briefing Meetings have been recently held for Associate and Affiliate members impacted by the recent reclassification of membership categories.  Thank you to those who have attended.

We appreciate that our membership represents so many variables in training and experience, and we expect the new categories to more clearly define those variables.


 Your Professional Portfolio

Renewal time is also the opportune time to assemble your Professional Portfolio in readiness for the audit of your documentation, with your audit occurring once every three years.

In your portfolio it is recommended that you include your Membership Certificate, Professional Indemnity Insurance paper work, evidence of client and supervision hours and evidence of continuing professional development.

Please access from the Downloadable Forms section in the website Member Area - Summary Logs for Client, Supervision and PD, and the Audit Guidelines.




How Well Are You Promoting Your Practice?

Do you Have a Web Presence on the Internet?

These days, having a web site is almost a given if you are running your own business. Most people now use the Internet as their primary means of finding goods and services, and if you don't have a web presence you are missing out on potential new clients.

Having your own web site can be an expensive exercise. It can also be a waste of time and money if it isn't "search engine and mobile friendly". However, Geoff Haynes can provide you with a professional-looking web site, optimised for Google search, at a cost that may surprise you. This is a special offer, exclusive to CASA Professional and Clinical members only.

For more information contact Geoff at



 Are Your Contact Details Up To Date?

Have you moved recently? Changed your phone number or email address?

To be sure you receive all notifications from CASA, please take the time to check and update your contact details. You can do this online by going to and clicking on the "Member Login" link at the top right of the page. Log in using your email address and Member ID (which you’ll find on your membership certificate).


  • an avenue for ongoing professional standards
  • a place of belonging through membership 
  • a time for gathering

Viv Maitland
Publications Convener

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