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From the President
PACFA AGM and election, progress on restructure

November PD
A great workshop planned around the topic of Addiction

Member Audit
Be prepared for the upcoming audit of CPD and Supervision hours

Welcome to New Members
Seven new Associates

Christmas Cocktail Party
Join your colleages for a pleasant social gathering to end the year

CPD Explained
Familiarise yourself with the CPD Points system



 From the President

The CASA Secretary, Pat Bradley and I were in Melbourne in October as delegates to the PACFA AGM and able to express our preferences regarding the PACFA restructure and future directions for the profession. Peter Zanol is representing CASA on the PACFA restructure working party, and he was an observer at the PACFA AGM. The PACFA restructure proposal has actually been the focus of much discussion by the CASA Executive and other Member Associations (MAs) in Australia.

The mood at the council meeting was more positive than last year with several MAs taking on new members and support on their Executive teams. CASA continues to shine on the council as one of the more buoyant MAs and is certainly well regarded and listened to by the council and PACFA board. Pat, Peter and I were well equipped at these meetings with material from the CASA Executive and our Executive Officer, and were able to meet with several representatives from other MAs. In particular we spend time with the Queensland Counselling Association (QCA), the Counselling and Psychotherapy Association of New South Wales (CAPA NSW) and lobbied at the council for a more simplified and streamline PACFA national structure.

During the AGM there was broad support for PACFA to move forward with the national restructure plans and it was agreed to prepare a working model to be presented at the 2015 PACFA AGM.

This was Pat's first time at the PACFA council meeting and she quickly introduced herself to several delegates and board members and made valuable contributions to the World Cafe group discussions. She was thanked and appreciated by several delegates for her clear thinking and considered comments.

Charles Wilson was voted in as new PACFA President and his first task was to thank Ione Lewis for her valuable contribution as the PACFA President. He asked all present at the AGM to form a semi circle around Ione whilst giving a thoughtful and amusing account of her time as President. Andrew Little read a personal tribute that he had written to Ione which was powerful and very moving for many in the room.  Ione was then given a beautiful painting which depicted a watering hole circled with people.

I'm pleased to see that our profession is slowly but surely moving toward greater recognition and encourage each of us to keep proudly declaring our membership of CASA and distinctiveness as professional counsellors in South Australia.

Robert Bullock


bullet November PD - Exploring Addictions   

Date: 22nd November 2014         Time: 1.00pm – 5.00pm
Venue: Education Centre, 4 Milner Street, Hindmarsh

During this four hour workshop the three presenters will take participants along the addiction road as lived by the presenters both personally and professionally.   

Simon Bowen – My Story
A story of addiction past.

Simon will share his story of the addiction maze, the beginnings, the losses, and the coldness of homelessness in the winter woods of the U.K.  The addiction to alcohol, heroin, cocaine and others held Simon too closely for him in the end to prevent the loss of his wife and daughter.  Simon can now speak of the addiction as part of his past since stepping out of the addiction maze to ‘clean’ since 2003. The presentation expands from the personal to the exploration into the physiology of the brain. Simon explains how the neurobiology of addiction kicks off specific responses to addiction and then how this new condition is processed.

Through the years of recovery Simon has gained professional standing with the completion of studies in Cert IV’s AOD, Business Management and Training and Assessment, and is presently completing a Diploma in Counselling, and will commence a Bachelor in Applied Social Science (Counselling) 2015.

In addition to the study he has worked in the largest drug and alcohol treatment facility in the UK as an Admissions Manager, and on his return to Australia in 2011, opened treatment facilities here in Adelaide. He is now the Managing Director of Visible Recovery in Adelaide. This not for profit organisation offers a solution for addicts exiting prison, including the provision of programs to both those who are long term unemployed and those on disability support.



Mim White - The Struggle for Wholeness
Addicted people are simply people who are trying to become more complete.

Mim’s presentation will consider the process of addiction. Present how the addicted person experiences the struggle for wholeness, and in this work the meaning of struggle is the strenuous effort, the striving to progress with great difficulty as they search within an addictive substance or behaviour to find all the components, parts and elements of themselves. It is the delusional quality of addiction that makes it extremely difficult to treat, identify and understand the feelings of being different and how this separates them from others. 

Mim will also speak to the need to recognise that addicts and their significant others are trapped in this process, they are not immoral or short on will power – they are people who need help when they reach out for it. This knowledge may help to build compassion in the wider world to the struggle for wholeness and, then, there may be a place for celebration when the community understands that recovery is and can be a long, slow yet rewarding process for all concerned.  New coping skills and psychological processes cannot be learnt overnight – Recovery is a Process, not an Event. 

Mim has over 20 years experience in the field of Chemical Dependency and co-founded HCS Home Care Services and Addiction Counselling Services.  Her extensive work in the field of health includes nursing, post graduate studies with a Masters in the fields of trauma, grief and loss counselling and specific studies in Addictive Disorders. Today, Mim is running a live-in program for people requiring recuperation for addictive disorders which offers the range of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs The Manor Born, Fleurieu Peninsula.   



June Lake – Benefits of Working with Process in Groups with Addicted People
Me Myself and I now hold accountability.

In order to begin the process of recovery the addicted person needs to develop awareness of their own destructive patterns, hold that awareness in place through accountability and learn to track trigger points, feelings, emotions and moods and develop a proactive change program which is disclosed to others for transparency, trust reality checking, support, empathy and relationship development.

June will walk participants through the ways of developing and holding accountability in the individual and then facilitate a small group making use of the available dynamics by “mobilizing the energy of the group” to become the ‘agent of change’ versus the facilitator doing one-on-one work in the group. The process group is the perfect environment for this to occur.

Participants will gain experience of group process skills by observation of interactions within the group that are a microcosm of a person’s life. Participants will have an opportunity to learn more in a brief Q&A session.

June’s expertise in counselling theory and group therapy facilitation allows her to work and demonstrate a unique ability with deepened awareness and sensitivity towards change and growth.   

June’s work is supported by her professional credentials which include Addictions counselling, work as a clinical supervisor, Gestalt Therapist and co-founder and a Director of the Australian Institute of Counselling in Addictions since 1987.

Registration opens Fri October 31st on the CASA website



 Clinical & Professional Member Audit

As part of CASA’s commitment to efficiency the Renewal Process was simplified this year.  Instead of providing documentary evidence at the time of renewal, Clinical and Professional members signed an on-line declaration stating that they had met the supervision and professional development renewal requirements during the previous 12 months.

As part of this new process an audit of supervision and professional development records of Clinical and Professional members is to be conducted on a rolling three yearly basis with all members being audited once every three years.  You would have read about this previously in our eNews or in our By-Laws.

If you are a PACFA Registrant, your audit will be undertaken by PACFA (on behalf of CASA) at some stage. 

If you are a Clinical or Professional CASA member and not a PACFA Registrant, CASA will be conducting the audit.  Emails to those who have been identified for this year’s audit are now being prepared for mailing, so check your emails.  Details and supporting documentation of your professional development and of your supervision and its related client contact undertaken from 1st July 2013 to 30th June 2014 need to be forwarded within 3 weeks of receiving the email.

We encourage all members to read the Audit Policy that is available in the Members’ Section of our website under 'Downloads'.


bullet Welcome to 7 New Members

We give a very warm welcome to our new Associate Members Daniel, Chantel, Gemma, Lia and Cindy. and to new Professional Members Bianca and Pavel.

Congratulations also to Ryan on his upgrade to Professional status.

We look forward to your involvement in CASA with us.




bullet Christmas Cocktail Party - You're Invited

Friday December 5th from 5:00 pm
Tiffins on the Park, Greenhill Rd Parkside

A time to chat, a time to connect, a time to sip and savour the year just past. This event is more than drinks. It is more about the gathering.

Christmas provides the excuse to connect with others in the profession and often it is the only time members give themselves permission to connect with CASA outside of the professional demands of PD and supervision.

A time to while away the time by the pool on a balmy night sounds more like a travel brochure, but that is what the CASA Christmas Cocktail Party does actually provide continually, consistently and creatively.

Finish the year off in celebration with the CASA executive.



bullet Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Yes, there has been a name change this year.  While we may still refer to events as PD events, we will be referring to member requirements as CPD. There has also been a change in the requirements from the number of hours required, to a points system that enables a broader range of activities to be included.  We trust that you are feeling comforatble with the new system.  In brief:

The annual CPD requirement of 40 points may be accrued from three different categories of activities:
Category A: Mandatory
      One hour of CPD = 2 points.  Minimum annual requirement is 30 points
Category B: Optional
      One hour of CPD = 1 point.  Maximum annual allowance is 10 points
Category C: Optional
      One hour of CPD = 1 point.  Maximum annual allowance is 5 points

For more information about the CPD categories, check out the CPD Policy available in the Members’ Section of our website under 'Downloads'.



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Viv Maitland
Publications Convener

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