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From the President
New committee, positive results

AGM - Meet New Members
An introduction to the new team members

Honorary Membership
Robert Bullock receives a well-deserved award

Welcome to New Members
Eleven new Associates

August PD in Review
An attendee's reflective perspective

Upcoming Master Class
October brings another workshop in this popular series

A request to be more inclusive with funding for counsellors within the school system


 From the President

It is my pleasure to introduce to you the newly elected Executive Committee with Peter Zanol (Treasurer), Pat Bradley (Secretary) and myself as President, and four general members Joe Russo, Viv Maitland, Toni Catford and Pamela Brear. This is a tremendous team and we are very fortunate to have each of them representing our association.

On the evening of the AGM I listened to each of the convener reports, and noticed that there was an unmistakable positive theme that echoed in their accounts of the last 12 months. There is a good deal of pride among the membership in our association and confidence in the Executive Committee. I started to realise that the decision to be proud in ourselves is quite deliberate and well justified. Many of our counsellors are assertive when presenting their profession to others and proud of their training, practice and Association, for good reason.

That's not to say all is good. There are many things we are not happy about, for example we want to see counselling and psychotherapy gain the recognition that it absolutely deserves in South Australia.

Our Treasurer Peter Zanol headed off to Sydney this month to represent CASA along with other member associations to discuss with PACFA the progress of the proposed PACFA restructure. We will keep you informed of outcomes and continue to represent our local needs.

Robert Bullock


bullet AGM - Time to Gather and Share   

The AGM is a time to hear updates on the work of the Executive Committee throughout the year, a time to vote in or reject changes to by-laws and even a time to gather together and chat about another year of life in and around counselling. It is a solid mix of administrative and social matters and that mix tends to take on a life of its own and roll along very nicely.
The year 2014 took on a strong flavour of multiculturalism with the arrival of two new members to CASA who very quickly put their hands up to join the Executive Committee.

Welcome to Pat Bradley, Secretary and Joe Russo, general member to Executive

1. Pat Bradley
Trained at Greenwich University in the UK (M Sc. Therapeutic Counselling); incorporating Person Centred, Psychodynamic and CBT leading to a healthy professional life of 15 years as a counsellor and supervisor for 12 years.

UK recent history was as a Senior Specialist Counsellor in the National Health Service (NHS) working in a team of counsellors and psychologists providing time limited interventions to people living in a deprived inner London borough while at the same time delivering counselling and supervision in a private practice environment to the more affluent people of London.

With such a challenging and diverse counselling mix Pat is more than equipped to take on the journey of establishing a practice in Adelaide, an activity which she is presently driving.
With such diverse courage and conviction Pat is absolutely able to say "I love Adelaide". Pat bravely goes one step further and states, "What's not to love"? (no correspondence will be accepted if wishing to answer this question!).

The only part of her final acceptance into South Australia is not about her counselling life but more about her recognition of which team to support here in SA. Again, correspondence will not be entered in to.

2. Joe Russo
Joe is listed as No. 2 introduction only by his later arrival into the counselling scene in SA. He is as interesting as Pat in terms of experience and commitment to counselling.

Joe bid farewell in 2013 to Southern California once his wife's invitation to take up an academic post at UNISA was confirmed. However, bidding farewell to home base was not new to Joe as he had spent many a year travelling setting up international companies in new locales. His BBA (Accounting), his MBA and his basic 'street cred' ensured he had the goods to meet a changing business landscape.

So why not completely do the 180 degree turn to an MA (Educational Psychology)?
University of Nevada, Reno provided the rich ground for a career change and Joe's past business life of dispute resolution/mediation, executive coaching, and plain old-fashioned talk therapy laid the foundation to move into a doctoral dissertation, focusing on the effect of social networking on the behaviour of help-seeking individuals experiencing depression or social anxiety.

Joe's people connected life also includes an active interest in a world-wide executive coaching and mentoring organization.



 Honorary Membership - Robert Bullock

In a person's professional life there seems to be few opportunities to stop and acknowledge those who fly a little above the commitment radar and then if we notice them how do we acknowledge them.

CASA is able to acknowledge those who do take the commitment leap with the award of Honorary Membership and this year it was awarded to Rob Bullock, currently President of the Association.

Diligence, pro-activity, accurate attention to detail and process are only a few words to banner the style of Rob's work as a member of the Executive and in the last four years as President.

His leadership has and is rich in negotiation, clarity of purpose and vision, responsiveness to change, transparency of ideas and ideals and a person who holds a capacity to engage with acceptance and friendship to all. His energy and thoughtfulness, wisdom and integrity place him in a very worthy position to receive this Honorary Membership.

Congratulations Rob and thank you for your leadership through these past years of consolidation and present years of change.


bullet Welcome to 11 New Members

We give a very warm welcome to our new Associate Members Louise, Sri, Samantha, Jan, Nicola, Jo, Courtney, Ellen, Ivanka, Lyn and Waratah.

We look forward to your involvement in CASA with us.




bullet Professional Development – Time to Gather and Learn

In Review - Hypnosis in Counselling
"I didn't even see the gorilla!"

Merrily Watson and Marta Lohyn skillfully walked the participants through the old and new notions and practices of Hypnosis even to defining the use of the common term of hypnotherapy vs hypnosis.

Merrily and Marta's approach rests with the notion that hypnosis is a tool not a therapy in itself. This just might be a bonus for the way in which counsellors work. Accepting hypnosis as a tool allows for a responsive and creative approach to working with a client's identified needs and more able to be woven into a session rather than a prescriptive controlled and directed style, defined and designed by the therapist. Additionally, the expectation set up for the client that this method will solve everything does 'fly in the face' of counselling. (Correspondence may be entered into if you wish).

Learning the style and words of hypnosis was enlightening and of course isn't this what we look for in each professional development space we engage in over the years of our work, such as, what is the language of this methodology.

All that concern went out the window with the adventure into the 'Attention Selective Test'.

"No I didn't see the Gorilla"
I am now stuck with the fear that I have either lost or gained some intellectual capacity and not knowing which way I fit, I don't know how to work with this new knowledge. In other words, am I OK?

My mouth did drop when I saw the questioning words of 'did I see the gorilla or not'. I was with the rest of the room, mistrust that he was even there or that they had switched the scene from the first without the gorilla, to the second with an introduced gorilla. Oh, and by the way I did get the count of 15 right which to me was the holy grail given that numbers are not my forte.

Wow, didn't this highlight a major learning for the day and most of all I have been able to use it through the week with clients and work through what it means for them.

Accompanying the gorilla exercise was the black dot on the paper. Simple exercises utilized for exploration such as the gorilla and the black dot seems to jettison meaning to clients and, let's be real, doesn't it also explode into our own counsellor awareness of how we engage in the way we view our world.

The way in which Merrily and Marta explained hypnosis I realize there is a way I can weave this into my practice rather than viewing it has a separate and very contained way of working with clients"



bullet Our Next Master Class - Time to Gather and Advance

'What is This Thing Called Love?' – Using Love in Psychotherapy
Saturday October 25, 2014

If the mantra is to hold clients in high personal regard then what is the meaning of love and why and how is this different?

Stephen Andrew, B.A, B.Ed (Counselling) and Zoe Krupka, B.A (Hons. Anthropology), M Counselling & Human Services have, in partnership, developed a clear learning environment and expression of this thing called love in the psychotherapy context.

The workshop aims to shine a light on the intersection between love and psychotherapy, exploring the idea that the core of much quality counselling inhabits a space where a reciprocal love exists between client and counsellor. It is about love's hidden strengths and pitfalls. The workshop will aim to recognise where love may assist therapists in their work, ways in which this flow can be optimised, as well as the personal, systemic and societal impediments to love in the counselling room.

It will be an experiential and participative day of challenge, excitement and renewal of self and therapist. Most of all it will provide the skills to place 'love' in your counseling relationships.

"One thing we know in the field of psychotherapy is that we change in a climate of acceptance and love"

Quote from a previous attendee:
"Stephen and Zoe work together to bring ideas and images and questions that take us to the heart of healing conversations. Theirs is rich, fulfilling and gently provocative work, which continues to ripple on in me long after their workshops." N.M.

This one day Master Class is open to a maximum of 25 participants at a cost of $200.00 ($250 for non-CASA members)

Online registration opens on Monday Sep 8th. This is a great opportunity to accrue PD points, especially since next year's Conference will be held in October instead of May. But be quick as places are limited. Click here for full details



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 Petition to Extend Funding for Counsellors in Schools

The current government is continuing the push to fund counsellors within schools – but only counsellors with a religious affiliation. The proposed scheme has been blocked by the High Court on two occasions, but if successful, is likely to have implications for the future employability of non-denominational Counselling and Psychotherapy post-graduates.

A petition has been created, requesting the Prime Minister to include all appropriately qualified sounsellors working within the school system, regardless of personal religious links or beliefs.

You can read more about it and opt to sign it by clicking here

(The publication of this item does not imply any specific political or religious affiliation by CASA)



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