We are no longer accepting new applications for CASA Membership as we will be transitioning to direct membership with the national body, the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), later this year.

Please contact PACFA via for further information about joining as a new member.

We are still accepting upgrades of membership category from existing CASA members.


CASA’s membership year starts on 1 July. Membership is renewable annually only at the full year rate. As CASA is not registered to collect the GST, there is no GST component in the fees.

The membership Fees for 2016-2017 are as follows:

Clinical Member $340.00
Professional Member $340.00
Intern Member $240.00
Student Member $80.00
Affiliate Member $165.00


Membership Fee On Joining

Whilst CASA's membership year starts on 1 July, applications for membership are accepted throughout the year. A pro rata fee applies for applications received during October to June of each year.

  Oct-Dec Jan-Mar Apr-Jun
Clin. $265.00 $180.00 $95.00
Prof. $265.00 $180.00 $95.00 *
Intern $190.00 $130.00 $70.00 *
Student $70.00 $50.00 $30.00 *
Affiliate $135.00 $95.00 $55.00 *

* Plus the next year's fee in advance

Payment of Initial Membership Fee

When submitting your membership Application, you include only the processing fee (shown on the application form). Do not include any Annual Membership Fee payment with your Application.

Once it is assessed, the Executive Committee will notify you of the outcome of your Application and, if it is successful, will send you a Membership Fee Invoice for whatever part of the subscription year remains.

Payment may be made by cheque, money order or credit card.

Each year in May, you will be invoiced for the following financial year - 1 July until 30 June.