Ongoing professional development is an essential activity requirement for most professions. CASA recognises the importance of continuous improvement, and includes ongoing professional development hours as a criterion for annual membership renewal.

In addition to the benefits of professional development to the counsellor, it also builds client trust in the counsellor's knowledge and competence. For those who place their trust in a counsellor, there can be some measure of assurance that, as a professional member of CASA, their counsellor has a commitment to ongoing professional development. This includes the willingness to provide evidence of the content and processes of that development.

CASA strives to assist its members with ongoing professional development by conducting regular PD workshops throughout the year. These are designed to broaden understanding of the various therapeutic approaches, promote lively discussion, and provide an opportunity for counsellors to network with fellow members and gain form each other's experiences.

We also conduct Information Sessions to discuss topical issues as the need arises.

Attendance at CASA workshop sessions counts towards the 40 points of annual CPD needed to renew Professional and Clinical membership.

For more information about the CPD Points System, please visit the CPD Guidelines page

The CASA PD Workshops are conducted at the Education Development Centre, Milner St, Hindmarsh (unless otherwise advised). See map below.


For details of the CASA PD sessions, please see the PD Calendar