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Name Joy Allen
Business Address 33 Eleventh Avenue, Joslin SA
Telephone (08) 8362 2029
Email joyea@aapt.net.au
Counselling Fields Individual. Family, Relationship, Grief, Dying
Counselling Approach Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Body Therapies



Name Sue Berry
Business Address Port Lincoln 5606
Telephone 0427 043 607
Email sueberrycounselling@bigpond.com
Web Site  
Counselling Fields Personal, Relationships, Adolescents
Counselling Approach Reality Therapy
Name Dr Pamela Brear
Business Address Pamela Brear Counselling and Consultancy Services
Panorama 5041
Telephone 8277 2357
Email brear@chariot.net.au
Web Site www.counsellingadelaide.com.au
Counselling Fields Personal and Relationship Counselling,
Counselling Supervision
Counselling Approach Integrated (informed by Client Centred)
Name Pat Bradley
Business Address West Beach SA 5024
Telephone 0421 929 692
Email patbradley@westbeachcounselling.com.au
Web Site www.westbeachcounselling.com.au
Counselling Fields Individual, Generic, Supervision
Counselling Approach Integrative
Name Deana Byrne
Business Address Your Family Medicine Practice,
484 Marion Rd, Plympton Park
Telephone 0432 567 092
Email deana.byrne@hotmail.com.au
Web Site byrnecounselling.com
Counselling Fields Adolescent, Relationships, Anxiety, Depression
Counselling Approach Creates a safe place to explore & understand your world


Name Diana Capaldo
Business Address Torrensville, 5031
Telephone 0412 466 426
Email newhorizonscounselling@hotmail.com
Web site www.newhorizonscounselling.com.au
Counselling Fields Relationships, Loss & Grief, Sexual Abuse
Counselling Approach Transpersonal, CBT, Integrative
Name Toni Catford
Business Address PO Box 131, Blackwood SA 5051
Telephone 0418 894 904
Counselling Fields Relationships, personal and grief
Counselling Approach Person-centred, ACT
Name Chalktalk Childrens Counselling Service
(Andrea de Dezsery)
Business Address PO Box 17, Daw Park 5041
Telephone 0411 966 946
Counselling Fields School & Children's Issues, Behavioural, Parent Support
Counselling Approach Reality Therapy
Name Diane Childs
Business Address Tranmere
Telephone 8331 8340
Email dichilds00@gmail.com
Counselling Fields All. Specialising in children, adolescents
Counselling Approach Reality Therapy


Name Ginette Darlington
Business Address Sheoak Rd, Humbug Scrub 5114
Telephone 0499 561 050
Email adelaidehills-psychotherapy@gmail.com
Counselling Fields Depression, Relationships, Historical abuse, Supervision
Counselling Approach Psychodynamic, Individuals, Couples, Adults only
Name Andrea de Dezsery
Business Address Chalktalk Childrens Counselling Service
PO Box 17, Daw Park 5041
Telephone 0411 966 946
Counselling Fields School & Children's Issues, Behavioural, Parent Support
Counselling Approach Reality Therapy
Name Thomas Dellmann
Business Address 97 Glen Osmond Road, Eastwood
Telephone 8271 1827
Email dellmann@dodo.com.au
Web Site www.relationshipsa.com.au
Counselling Fields Relationships, sexuality, anger management, men
Counselling Approach EFT, Client centred, CBT, ACT
Name Michele Derham
Business Address 15 Bridges St, Broadview SA 5083
Telephone (08) 8342 0882
Email enquiries@missingpeace.com.au
Web Site www.missingpeace.com.au
Counselling Fields Individuals, Couples, Life/Shadow Coaching, Skype
Counselling Approach Solution focussed Brief, CBT, ACT, Narrative



Name Di Forrester
Business Address Aldgate, Balhannah
Telephone 0415 578 926
Email rforrest@senet.com.au
Counselling Fields Grief & Loss, Separation/Divorce, Personal Growth
Counselling Approach Client Centred, Cognitive Behavioural


Name Garry Garnaut
Business Address Millswood, SA
Telephone 0408 290 004
Email ggarnaut@bigpond.net.au
Counselling Fields Personal, Schools
Counselling Approach Reality Therapy
Name Julie Vaughan Georgeson
Business Address Aberfoyle Park 5159
Telephone 0422 773 734
Email Julie@createnew.com.au
Web Site www.creativenew.com.au
Counselling Fields Women's Issues
Counselling Approach Integrative
Name Fiona Griffith
Business Address 2/1 Johnston Street, Stirling 5152
Telephone 8339 4027, 0414 985 934
Email fiona.griffith@bigpond.com
Counselling Fields Grief, Adolescence, Loss & Change, Parenting, Coaching
Counselling Approach Person Centered Approach, TA, Transpersonal, Cog. Behav.


Name Heike Haffer
Business Address Barton Circuit, Mt Barker
Telephone 0466 052 337
Email heikehaffer@gmail.com
Web Site www.counsellinginthehills.com.au
Counselling Fields Individual, Relationship, Grief, Trauma, Anxiety & Depression, Asperger Syndrome
Counselling Approach Integrated, Client Centred, ACT

Name David Hawke
Business Address 141 Upper Sturt Rd, Upper Sturt 5156
Telephone 8339 4073,  0447 205 034
Email dahawke@tpg.com.au
Counselling Fields Relationships
Counselling Approach Flexible
Name Judy Headley
Business Address Bedford Medical Clinic, 1379 South Rd, Bedford Pk 5042
Telephone 8276 5055, 0438 871 157
Email judyh_marie@hotmail.com
Counselling Fields Abuse, Grief, Relationships, Counselling Supervision.
Counselling Approach Integrative, Life strategies
Name Peter Hill
Business Address 226 Melbourne St, North Adelaide SA 5006
Telephone 0431 971 765
Counselling Fields Psychotherapist and Dietitian
Counselling Approach Exploring the relationship with food and emotions
Name Helene Hipp
Business Address Blackwood SA 5051
Telephone 0498 032 761
Email helene@agedcareplanning.com.au
Web Site www.agedcareplanning.com.au
Counselling Fields Life limiting illness, Aged care, Grief 
Counselling Approach Client-centred, Eclectic
Name Josie Huppatz
Business Address Fullarton Community Centre
Telephone 0417 867 094
Email josiehup@bigpond.com
Counselling Fields Grief & Loss, Transition, Goal Setting
Counselling Approach Varied to meet need







Name Matti Lee
Business Address Chatswood, NSW
Email info@innerhealth-multiculturalcounselling.com
Web Site  
Counselling Fields Individual, Couple, Family
Counselling Approach Wholistic, multi-modality
Name Carol Longmire
Business Address Richman Avenue, Prospect
Telephone 0438 618 078
Web Site www.transformationalcounselling.com.au
Counselling Fields Grief & Loss, Suicide Bereavement, Anxiety, Trauma, Anger & Stress Management
Counselling Approach Client Centred, Short-Term Solution Focused, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Name Di Luckhurst-Smith
Business Address Adelaide Women's Health Centre
77 King William Street, North Adelaide
Carrington House 
61-63 Carrington Street  Adelaide

PO Box 282, North Adelaide SA 5006
Telephone 8313 2000, 0428 178 600
Email admin@awhc.org.au
Counselling Fields Anxiety & depressive disorders, relationships & sexual concerns
Counselling Approach CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, Person centred


Name Leeann Mahlo
Business Address Woodside
Telephone 0421 872 515
Email info@leeannmahlo.com
Web Site www.leeannmahlo.com
Counselling Fields Individuals, Relationships, Families, Groups
Counselling Approach Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Psychology
Name Viv Maitland
Business Address Dequetteville Terrace, Kent Town &
Main South Rd, Delamere (15 mins from Yankalilla)
Telephone 0429 691 759
Counselling Fields Relationships and Life Issues
Counselling Approach Client Centred
Name Noela Maletz
Business Address PO Box 6, Crafers 5152
Telephone 8339 4173
Counselling Fields Couples, Individuals, Grief, Depression
Counselling Approach Humanist, Transpersonal, REBT
Name Dianne Marshall
Business Address Morphett Vale , SA 5162
Telephone 8382 4989, 0402 905 088
Email di.marshall@optusnet.com.au
Counselling Fields Relationships, Effective Parenting, Abuse/Trauma, Grief/Loss
Counselling Approach Reality Therapy
Name Samantha Mathews
Business Address Neaves & Menne Clinical Psychology
28 Ward St, North Adelaide 5006
Telephone 0449 561 254
Email contact@efcounselling.com.au
Web Site www.efcounselling.com.au
Counselling Fields Couple & Individual Counselling
Counselling Approach Emotionally Focused Therapy
Name Belle McCaleb
Business Address 30 Craighill Road, St Georges, SA 5064
Telephone 0432 995 470
Counselling Fields Life-limiting Illness, Infertility, Bereavement, Spiritual Crisis
Counselling Approach Psycho- Spiritual Balanced with a Pragmatic Solution Focus

Name Patrick Moloney
Business Address Noarlunga
Telephone 0433 809 957
Email molpg002@live.com
Counselling Fields Personal, Relationship/Family conflicts
Counselling Approach Person-centred, Mindfulness, Cognitive
Name Aerinn Morgan
Business Address Exeter
Telephone 0438 903 279
Email aerinnm@adam.com.au
Counselling Fields Relationship, Trauma, Mental health, Supervision
Counselling Approach Narrative, Feminist, Systems


Name Leanne Nearmy
Business Address 65 Edward St, Norwood
Telephone 8332 2271, 0423 197 509
Email engageconnect@bigpond.com
Web site www.engageconnecttc.com
Counselling Fields Children, Adolescents, Relationships, LGBT
Counselling Approach Integrated, Client centred, ACT



Name Shane O'Dea
Business Address 65 Edward St, Norwood
Telephone 8277 7790
Email therapy@counselling.org.au
Counselling Fields Sexuality, Disability, Spirituality, Finance
Counselling Approach Client-centred, CBT, Solution focused
Name Helen Osborn
Business Address 44 Tapleys Hill Royal Park 5014
Telephone 0417 856 730
Email helen@pateka.com
Counselling Fields Loss, Grief, Life Threatening Illness, Life Issues
Counselling Approach Eclectic Approach


Name Melanie Parry-Jones
Business Address 296 Payneham Rd, Payneham
Telephone 0408 425 630
Email parry-jones@bigpond.com
Counselling Fields Life skills, grief and trauma, unresolved developmental issues.
Counselling supervision
Counselling Approach Client-centred, cognitive and expressive therapies
Name Rebecca Paul
Business Address Lvl 1, 77 Jetty Rd, Glenelg 5045
Telephone 0433 792 705
Email rebecca.jarmyn@mail.com
Web Site www.eshecounselling.com.au
Counselling Fields Marriage & Relationships, Grief & Loss, Self-esteem
Counselling Approach Humanistic, Client-centred
Name Lyn Porter
Business Address Cotswold House, 1 Murray St, Gawler 5118
136 Glen Osmond Rd, Parkside 5063
Telephone 0423 122 145
Email lyn.porter@adam.com.au
Web Site www.portergeo.com.au/listeningheart
Counselling Fields Relationships, Personal, Grief & Loss
Counselling Approach Strengths-based, Client Centred, Solution-focussed
Name Kelly Pritchard
Business Address Devon Park SA
Telephone (08) 8340 8409 , 0421 184 686
Email kpritchard@adam.com.au
Counselling Fields Personal, Relationships, Adolescents
Counselling Approach Reality Therapy
Name Gia Pyrlis
Business Address 74 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End 5031
Telephone (08) 8354 3777, 0413 808 529
Email gia@mindbodytherapies.com.au
Web Site www.mindbodytherapies.com.au
Counselling Fields Grief and Loss, Personal development, Health and Wellbeing, Depression/anxiety , Cancer support
Counselling Approach Integrated approach, Person centred, Bodywork therapies






Name Anne Smith
Business Address Norwood SA 5067
Telephone 0408 854 147
Counselling Fields Personal Growth, Grief & Loss
Counselling Approach ACT, Psychosynthesis
Name Geoff Sunstrom
Business Address 41 East Avenue, Allenby Gardens 5009
Telephone 8340 1019, m: 0422 919 656
Email geoffsun@bigpond.net.au
Counselling Fields Personal development, Identity, Grief, Abuse, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship issues, Supervision
Counselling Approach Person-Centred, Spiritual and Wholistic






Name Julie Vaughan Georgeson
Business Address Aberfoyle Park 5159
Telephone 0422 773 734
Email Julie@createnew.com.au
Web Site www.createnew.com.au
Counselling Fields Women's Issues
Counselling Approach Integrative


Name Mim White
Business Address North Eastern Community Hospital
584 Lwr North East Rd, Campbelltown
Telephone (08) 8383 7113
0417 803 043
Email mimw@hotmail.com
Counselling Fields Addictive Disorders
Counselling Approach Eclectic model
Name John Wibrow
Business Address 296 Payneham Rd, Payneham SA 5070
Telephone (08) 8363 4322
0437 634 377
Email clinic@eastadelaide.com.au
Web Site www.eastadelaide.com.au
Counselling Fields Anxiety & Depression, Grief & Loss, Self development, Relationships
Counselling Approach Person-centred
Name Natalie Williams
Business Address The Clinic@44, 44 Tapleys Hill Rd, Royal Park
Telephone 0431 233 459
Counselling Fields Personal and Relationship Counselling, Grief, Life threatening illness
Counselling Approach Eclectic approach