In choosing a supervisor to meet your personal and professional requirements, members are advised that the supervisor needs to be an experienced practitioner who meets the following requirements:
1. Be a Clinical Member of CASA, or have an equivalent level of membership in a relevant professional association, 

2. Have a minimum of 5 years counselling experience and have logged a minimum of 750 post training client hours and 75 related clinical supervision hours,

3. Have professional indemnity insurance which includes cover for supervision


Clinical and Professional Members
For ongoing Clinical or Professional membership of the Association members are required to participate every membership year (July-June) in a minimum of 10 hours of supervision linked to their counselling practice accrued in accordance with the Association's Supervision Policy.
Where a member has accrued over 400 client practice hours per annum, 15 hours of supervision is required for renewal.
Client practice hours include counselling and/or psychotherapy, both group and individual, and the provision of supervision.
Members are required to sign annually an on-line declaration stating that they have met the supervision renewal requirements.

Associate Members
For ongoing Associate membership of the Association members who have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate training course in counselling or psychotherapy, but who have not completed the required hours of client work and its associated supervision for Professional Membership, are required to participate in appropriate supervision linked to client practice, and to provide at renewal each year the number of accumulated client hours and associated supervision hours for the previous 12 months.


Members are required to keep supervision records that have been signed by their supervisor(s) and which include the number of client hours that relate to the supervision undertaken. (Link)
Supervision activities are to be recorded for each membership year using the CASA or PACFA Supervision and Client Contact Verification Form with the CASA Form being downloadable from the Association website. (Link)
An audit of supervision records of Clinical and Professional members will be conducted on a rolling three yearly basis with all members being audited once every three years.