All advertising is to be in keeping with the objectives of the Association and will be published, or not, at the discretion of the Publications Committee.

Two kinds of advertising are available:

(a) Calendar listings
Calendar listings provide information about forthcoming events such as conferences, public talks, seminars, and courses run by groups, organizations or individuals. They may be submitted by all members and subscribers.

Submissions must include the following minimum information only:

  • event name
  • day(s), date(s), and time(s),
  • venue
  • cost
  • contact names and details
Calendar listings are free of charge for members and subscribers.

(b) Advertisements
Advertisements are charged according to the size of the advertisement (refer to booking form).

  • The fee constitutes the purchase of advertising space only.
  • The advertisement needs to be submitted ready for publishing. It is not the role of the Editorial Committee to make amendments to advertising material.
  • Any advertisements received after the respective publishing dates will not be published
  • Payment for advertisements needs to have been made prior to the respective publishing date (refer to publishing dates)
  • The Association does not accept any responsibility for, nor does it endorse any advertising material printed in the Association bi-monthly eNews.
  • No responsibility will be taken if the publication is delayed.
Booking Forms are available for download here.

Payment is to be made by cheque at the time of booking. Advertising will not be published if payment is not received prior to the submission date for any material.