All Clinical and Professional members of CASA undertake to be accountable for their counselling practice and adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Association.  You can download a copy of the Code of Ethics for more information .

Possible breaches of this Code should be identified in writing, marked Confidential and sent to:
CASA President
PO Box 30  Kent Town SA 5071

This letter must state the reasons for the complaint and give concise statements of the facts in support of the complaint.  The receipt of a complaint by the President will be acknowledged in writing.

The Process

Once the Complaints Committee has received notice of a complaint it will commence an investigation into the complaint within 14 days.  Any member of the Association about whom a complaint has been made has a right to respond to the matters raised in the complaint. After the Complaints Committee has completed the investigation of the complaint it must notify the complainant and the person about whom the complaint has been made, about the results of the investigation and any proposed course of action it intends to take. Download the Association's Procedure for Processing a Complaint.